Logistics Shipping

Over the years, we have handled shipments of various sizes, transporting them to even the most remote areas. As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best in logistic industry, GMAX strives to establish a distinctive service unique in its conception and to provide standards of service as per customer’s expectation. Our expertise of core business includes: 
  • Full Cargo Load
  • Loose Cargo Load

We have more than 50 units of different sizes of trucks in our operation to meet your Delivery KPI performance. With the strength of being one of the lead players in the market as a logistics provider, GMAX Logistics is capable in handling all your logistics needs as per your requirements.

With our established networking system and fleet facilities in the market, GMAX Logistics is able to provide the best services to all our customers.

Trucking Info:
  • 1 tonner (10ft truck) - 2 units
  • 3 tonner (17ft truck) - 7 units
  • 10 tonner (24ft truck) - 10 units
  • 20 & 40 tonner truck (40ft truck) - 32 units